Intelligent Design: approaches to optimality

Meets Wed 3:30-5:30 in Uris Hall rm 205

This seminar will explore the question of how efficient the brain is at representing the world. We will consider both computational, developmental and evolutionary constraints on building optimalrepresentations of sensory information. Among the questions that will be addressed are: Are the same types of computations performed at different parts of the nervous system. Are there universal rules or common networks? For a given brain size, why does a big body make a species stupid? Are there common developmental rules? And how do such rules relate to the kinds of solutions found in nervous systems?

August 31: Overview and Organization September 7: September 14: September 21: September 28 and Oct 5: October 12: FALL BREAK

October 19, 26; November 2: November 23: Intelligent Design discussion.

November 30: